Introduction to Gearhead Designs Co

Hey Ya'll!! First of all I want to say thank you, your project car might not run, might be in your dreams or you maybe driving it but without this great community that stems back many many years none of us would be here, with this passion! If you are reading this you might be wondering what drives someone to do this, to start selling mostly some shirts and sweaters/hoodies/bunnyhugs (whatever you prefer to call them), well I know that there is some automotive based apparel out there but everything I was looking at was at a higher price point, unknown quality, random designs etc. I just never trusted I was getting something that was tailored to car/automotive culture, being an enthusiast since before I can remember I feel like I can provide that level of guaranteed car enthusiast influence. I remember going to scholastic book fairs and having pictures of legendary cars like the Saleen S7, Lamborghini Countach, Ford GT40 etc. plastered on my walls as a kid and just dreaming about these cars I wanted to put some of the untouchable (and touchable) cars of my dreams onto something that I am happy to wear! I will try and do a blog post 2 times a week, give ya'll something to read, maybe just a write up on a car of my dreams, a little about me or something new! 

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